The Jordanian Armed Forces Language Institute is one of the most prestigious language Institutes in the Middle East. In line with the training doctrine of the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Language Institute teaches multiple languages for officers and non-commissioned officers. Eight languages are taught at JAFLI: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, German, Greek, Chinese, and Arabic language for non-native speakers. These courses last from one week to 23 weeks, six hours a day, five days a week depending on the language itself and the level of the students.


JAFLI's instructors are well-qualified; the minimum qualification for the teachers is to have bachelor’s degree. They also hold certificates from well-known international institutes in English speaking countries. Our Instructors are military officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians.

At the institute there is also a testing wing that conducts and administrates tests such as ECL, IELTS, ADFELPS, and STANAG to JAF personnel who are chosen to take part in overseas courses, joint exercises and missions.


JAFLI also maintains partnerships with external support entities such as AMIDEAST and Talal Abu Ghazaleh Academy to support the program of  the Institute.